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Stage 1 - Geography - Features of Places

Stage 1 geography


Kamay Botany Bay EEC

Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell


Spend a day at Kamay Botany Bay National Park investigating the features of this unique place. Students will discover some of the amazing natural and human features of the Kurnell peninsular. They will explore the bushland and beach habitats of the Reserve and identify the species found. The students will use mapping conventions to follow a treasure map and discover traditional symbols. Students will then help care for the sandy shoreline habitat before creating nature maps of the day.   


GE1 1 describes features of places and the connections people have with places

GE1 2 identifies ways in which people interact with and care for places

GE1 3 communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry

Key Inquiry Questions

  • What are the features of, and activities in, places?
  • How can we care for places?
  • How can spaces within a place be used for different purposes?

Students will

  • Use a map, to find hidden natural and human resources.
  • Investigate the features of the bushland and consider how we can care for these places. 
  • Complete a variety of sensory and hands on activities.
  • Investigate the shoreline of Botany Bay and consider how it was used by Aboriginal people in the past and how it is used today.
  • Work in small groups using natural materials to construct a pictorial map of the bushland and/or bay features. They will explain the features and suggest actions for caring for this place.

Learning across the curriculum content

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • Sustainability
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

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