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Planning an excursion

Booking buses

Please consider the following when booking buses:

  • What is their cancellation policy? We recommend booking with a company that allows schools to cancel on the morning of the excursion without penalty. It is disappointing if you have had to cancel one, two or three days ahead based on a forecast, and wake up to a beautiful day.
  • Will the bus be staying at the venue all day or leaving and returning? This is helpful information when making a decision based on the weather.
  • Ensure you confirm times for drop off and pick up from locations with the driver on the day

Earth-friendly lunches

Encourage students to bring an earth-friendly lunch. This could inlcude: 

  • sandwiches wrapped in grease-proof paper
  • fresh fruit, it comes with its own compostable packaging
  • biscuits or cake in a paper bag that can be composted
  • a drink in a reusable container
  • popper containers will be collected for recycling with Earn and Return program

Fruit scraps will be collected for the worm farm and compost.


Your visit may be postponed due to weather conditions and safety. Check Sydney's weather forecast before your visit.


Programs on a rock platfrom at need a low tide early in the morning. Check the New South Wales tides information before choosing a date.

If booking Stage 6 biology module 4 ecosystem dynamics on the rock platform, you need to consider the NSW tides information for the specific date.


Kamay Botany Bay - Kurnell NSW

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Topo map - Towra Point/Bate Bay

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