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Stage 5 - Geography - Environmental Change and Management

Stage 5 Geography


Wanda Surf Club and Cronulla beaches (Bate Bay)


A major Australian environmental concern is the effect that development has had and continues to have on our coastlines. In this program students are given the opportunity to gather and process data relevant to the coastal management of this area.  


  • GE5-2 explains processes and influences that form and transform places and environments
  • GE5-3 analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments
  • GE5-5 assesses management strategies for places and environments for their sustainability
  • GE5-7 acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using appropriate and relevant geographical tools for inquiry

Key Inquiry questions:

  • How do environments function?
  • How do people’s worldviews affect their attitudes to and use of environments
  • What are the causes and consequences of change in environments and how can this change be managed?
  • Why is an understanding of environmental processes and interconnectedness essential for sustainable management of environments?

Students will:

  • complete investigations along a transect
  • use a GPS device to locate a position and collect data
  • create model sand dunes to understand the geographical and biophysical processes essential to the functioning of the sand dunes
  • complete a field sketch and examine the Sea Bee wall

Learning across the curriculum content:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • Sustainability
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy