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Stage 5 - Geography - Environmental Change and Management

Stage 5 Geography


Wanda Surf Club and Cronulla beaches

Students will gather and process data relevant to the coastal management of this area.

A major Australian environmental concern is the effect that development has had and is having on our coastline.

Key inquiry questions

  • How does this coastal environment function?
  • How do people's views affect their attitudes to and use of this environment?
  • What are the casues and consequences of change in this environment and how can this be managed?
  • Why is an understanding of environmental processes and interconnections essential for sustainable managment of this environment

Students will measure and gather data at the site using global positioning system (GPS)  and other instruments. They will create model sand dunes to understand the geographical processes and investigate the biophysical processes essential to the functioning of the sand dunes.

Read the outline for environmental change and mangement fieldwork for further information.

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